Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

We’re delighted to know you’re talking about us, but please be sure to follow our logo and brand guidelines while doing so to ensure a consistent brand experience to the end customer.

dunnhumby logo

dunnhumby White Logo

White dunnhumby logo

dunnhumby Black Logo

Black dunnhumby logo


Logo clearance

The minimum clearance area is determined by placing a lowercase 'y' – as it appears in the dunnhumby typeface - around the dunnhumby logotype. The height of the 'y' forms the minimum clearance area. No type, images or other graphic elements may appear within this area.

Please note this is a minimum clearance area. Additional clearance should be given if possible or appropriate.

dunnhumby logo clearance area

dunnhumby logo with tagline

dunnhumby White Logo with Strapline

White dunnhumby logo with tagline

dunnhumby Black Logo With Strapline

Black dunnhumby logo with tagline


Note that it is permitted to use the 'White dunnhumby logo with tagline' with any of the dunnhumby colours in the background:

dunnhumby White Logo with Strapline

dunnhumby White Logo with Strapline

dunnhumby White Logo with Strapline

dunnhumby White Logo with Strapline

dunnhumby White Logo with Strapline

dunnhumby White Logo with Strapline

Minimum size

If the space for the logo and tagline is under 80mm you must remove the tagline and just use the logo.

dunnhumby logo lock up tagline

dunnhumby media logo

The logo for the "dunnhumby media" sub-brand is made up of two core components: the primary "dunnhumby" logo and the word "media" which appears in turquoise.

dunnhumby media Black Logo

Black and turquoise dunnhumby media logo


Colour palette

We are a pioneering Customer Data Science company and our modern, future-facing colour palette reflects this. It’s important when applying the palette that the magenta colour is used sparingly – it should never dominate.

dunnhumby colour palette

Colour pairings and gradients

Our primary colours can also be brought together in a gradient – please use one of the three accepted colour pairings as shown below. The gradient palette is mainly used for a colour filter for images or for page breaks/highlight sections within print or digital.

dunnhumby colour pairings and gradients


Our official font is Roboto, a free Google font available for download here. In addition to Roboto, you may use Din Condensed for numbers when designing infographics. When Roboto is not available (e.g. for PowerPoint) then Arial is the default font.

Designing with our brand

There's a lot more to us than our logo & colours. Contact   for our Brand Style Guide, the definitive guide to writing and designing for dunnhumby.