Introducing dunnhumby media: a connected media solution for today’s retail climate

Introducing dunnhumby media: a connected media solution for today’s retail climate

13 January 2019

The retail industry is going through a period of drastic change. Mass store closures by well-established companies such as Walgreens, Sears and Best Buy have signaled panic, in what many are referring to as ‘The Retail Apocalypse’. Some retailers have reduced the number of their brick and mortar stores, while others have shuttered them altogether to cut down on overheard costs and focus their investments on the digital space.

Regardless, retail is still very much alive and well in North America. eMarketer’s The Future of Retail 2019 states that U.S. retail sales brought in $5.3 million last year, a number which will only continue to rise in 2019. And while digital disruptors like Amazon are largely responsible for this growth – the report forecasts a 15% year-over-year increase in e-commerce sales this year – brick and mortar stores are still expected to account for more than half of overall sales growth, and 89.1% of consumer spending.

A connected retail media strategy

As you can see, building a successful media strategy is not about hedging your bets on one media channel over the other but about making sure that you are reaching the right customers, at the right, with the right message – no matter where, or how, they’re shopping.

That’s why dunnhumby is excited to introduce dunnhumby media – a unique combination of cross-channel media, data science and partnerships that connects retailers and brands to customers, whether they’re at home, in store or on the go.

Powered by dunnhumby’s 30+ years of customer data science, dunnhumby media helps advertisers grow customer loyalty and increase their return on their advertising investment and enables retailers to monetize their owned media for measurable sales growth. This media solution provides personalization across all media channels – from point-of-sale to direct marketing to digital onsite media, and more.

A more competitive programmatic offering

Programmatic continues to be a major player in online media; eMarketer forecasts that programmatic advertising spend will reach almost $69 billion by 2020, making up 86.3% of all digital display advertising. dunnhumby recognized this opportunity when it acquired Sociomantic Labs in 2014, investing heavily in its real-time bidding platform and supporting the growth of a world-class, global team.

As part of dunnnumby media, programmatic campaigns across desktop, mobile web and in-app will continue to run through Sociomantic’s proprietary technology. Clients will continue to receive the same level of white-glove service from dedicated account and in-house creative services teams and will now also be fully supported by dunnhumby media’s vast array of shopper insights and customer data science, for more competitive results.

Retail media presents an untapped opportunity to connect brands with consumers, create meaningful engagements and build long-term financial success, and dunnhumby media seeks to make the customer journey more relevant through personalization – both online and in-store. To learn more about dunnhumby media’s launch in North America, please refer to the official press release.

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