Category Management

Category Management

Category Management

Focus on what is right for your Customers


What is it

The dunnhumby Category Leadership approach is a proven framework for making clear, informed and actionable decisions leading to sustainable like-for-like sales improvements. Enabling retailers to focus on the Customers who matter the most, decide which categories to invest in more or less, pull the critical marketing levers by category, and reflect on how Customers shop. These are key steps in delivering an online or in-store experience that delights shoppers and +2-5% like-for-like sales uplift.

Identify what matters
most to your Customers
Improve assortment,
merchandising and
P&P planning
Optimise investment
and operating margin
Boost category
performance &
grow sales

What questions can it help you answer

Who are my key Customers by category, and which items are important to them? And how can we ensure promotions are effective?
How can I merchandise my categories to make them appealing and easy for Customers to find what they are looking for?
Which categories are bringing and keeping Customers in my stores, and which ones should I be driving margin to re-invest elsewhere?

Key elements

An end-to-end toolkit supported by dunnhumby Consultancy that helps you build and execute powerful category plans across the broadest range of marketing levers, including assortment, price, promotions, innovation, and own-label.

1 Establish the strategic roles of each category and understand which are the most important and why
2 Prioritise investments across categories and decide which categories to invest more or less in, and by how much
3 Prioritise the usage and effectiveness of each of the marketing levers by category
4 Create category strategies and plans to drive growth
5 Execute in-store and online assortment and merchandising reviews, powered by market-leading dunnhumby products dunnhumby Shop and dunnhumby Assortment

What results can you expect

Just ask these dunnhumby clients:

Priorisation, focus and allocation of resource has consistently driven +2-10% category growth versus the market


Improved merchandising has delivered +2% category sales growth and optimised assortments has driven +3% growth