Customer Knowledge

Customer Knowledge

Customer Knowledge

Maximise your data assets to drive a Customer-First approach


What is it

Create and operationalise a Customer-First cultural transformation with dunnhumby’s world-leading Customer insight and strategy methods combined with the latest technology solutions. Suited for retailers who want to revolutionise the use of data and science to understand and anticipate Customer needs. Either revitalising an existing Customer strategy or creating a cultural change to differentiate themselves and outperform competitors.

Put Customers
above products
and services
Create happier
and more loyal
Promote a
Customer-led organisational change
Deliver superior
growth gains for shareholders

What questions can it help you answer

How do I build propositions around the needs of Customers?  
How can I actually motivate our people to be more Customer obsessed? 
What should my Customer success metrics be? What analysis will help us balance investment across business units?

Key elements

Customer Knowledge is a solution for business transformation, where retailers can differentiate and revolutionise or create their Customer strategy by putting the Customer at the centre of day-to-day operations.

1 Assess your current capabilities in insight and data and benchmark your Customer centricity levels in the organisation; help to identify the biggest opportunities
2 Provide a deeper understanding of your Customers through Customer segmentations and Customer DNA attribution, which includes a detailed understanding of their loyalty drivers
3 Prioritise Customer investments and implement new Customer initiatives that use Customer-First planning processes to provide a differentiated Customer experience
4 Embed Customers into day-to-day decision-making by utilising a tailored suite of Customer reporting, improved Customer policies and processes across the organisation

What results can you expect

The dunnhumby Customer centricity studies confirm that Customer-First businesses outperform others, with the top 25% growing:

+3%like-for-like sales
+7% market share
"We have completely changed the way we think about and speak to our different Customer segments... we’ve really reaped the benefits of having this much deeper Customer strategy."
 Non-grocery client(North America)