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Efficiently optimise your assortment for any scenario by building on Customers’ purchasing choices



dunnhumby Assortment utilises our world-leading Customer Data Science enabling retailers and CPGs to make faster, better-informed and consistent assortment choices. Helping you put the right products, in the right stores to create an assortment that truly reflects Customer preferences.

Return on investment you can expect

We have 30 years’ experience of optimising assortment for leading retailers around the world, satisfying shoppers and driving long-term loyalty. Our clients achieve a healthy average of x10 ROI:

Sales +2-5% like-for-like sales uplift
savings Reduce working capital
Customer satisfaction 50% efficiency savings

How it helps

Retailers are under real pressure to grow sales against increasing competition, focus on efficiency savings and low category growth. Traditional assortment approaches can delist the wrong products, resulting in lost sales, reduced Customer satisfaction and in the worst case your shoppers leaving for the competition.

Our web-based tool empowers you to make better, faster, differentiated decisions on your product assortments to sustainably grow sales and increase efficiencies:

Using your shoppers actual purchasing data, dunnhumby science draws on the latest AI and machine learning techniques to create a truly data-led assortment recommendation reflecting your Customer needs
Coverage of your Customer needs, performance of products and relevance for different store types are equally considered to deliver the ideal assortment for whichever format, banner or store cluster you choose to optimise
Enables effective collaboration between retailers and CPGs leading to smarter decision-making by providing greater transparency and a shared view

How it works


Assess your best/worst performing products and all key indicators at glance. Review the performance of the assortment at SKU level over any given time period. Using many metrics to understand true performance and product appeal, rather than a purely sales-led approach.

Performance - assess your best/worst performing products and all key indicators at glance
Understand Customer Needs

Build a balanced assortment and identify white space and merchandising opportunities. Products are clustered based upon how substitutable they are with each other and groups of products. Our sophisticated auto-need states science creates a complete Customer decision tree, helping you to understand how Customers really shop that category and what their most important decisions are when shopping your stores or online.

Understand Customer Needs - balanced assortment and merchandising opportunities

Now that we understand your Customers’ decision criteria, it’s time to optimise your assortment. Our automated recommendations help to design an assortment that achieves maximum sales performance as well as relevance for Customers whilst offering users the ability to ‘lock’ products in or out of the new assortment. The add-order engine is at the heart of our product and ensures a Customer-focussed assortment is produced in record time.

Recommendations - understand Customers decision criteria to optimise your assortment
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