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Put the Customer at the centre
of every decision


dunnhumby Shop empowers you to make confident, data-led decisions that improves the Customer experience and grows sales. A web-based business tool for easy, self-serve access to a vast range of Customer insights relevant to both retailers and brand owners.


Benefits you can expect

Powered by best-in-class science and granular data from nearly one billion shoppers across the globe, Shop provides on-demand answers to your business questions, ensuring you always have the insight you need to offer the products, prices and media that your Customers want.

Sales Customer and sales data coverage across markets
reports Simple, efficient
& relevant
Consultancy support Consultancy support – when needed

How it helps

The best insights, the best science, all in one place.

Retailers have key category insights at their fingertips, with a suite of reports available to monitor and act upon performance trends at all levels of the hierarchy.
Brand owners have access to the relevant data and insights for their categories and products.
Retailers and brand owners have a shared view, leading to effective collaboration and decision-making.

How it works


dunnhumby Shop features a customisable and dynamic home page that reflects the responsibilities of the user. Once configured, this dashboard updates automatically and delivers data right on your homepage.

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Run a new report

You choose from a series of report options configured to your requirements.

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View your report

Get all your insights in one place using relevant visualisation formats, permitting access to more granular data and in-depth analysis.

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"Suppliers who use customer insight from dunnhumby Shop in addition to market data in their presentations are way more credible than the ones that don’t."