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Price & Promotions
Price & Promotions

Strategy Modules

Leverage data-driven insights for an effective price and promotions strategy


The dunnhumby Price & Promotions Strategy Modules use advanced Customer insights so you know which products matter most to your Customers for both price perception, and engagement through promotions. Learn how different Customer segments respond to your price & promotions strategy and how to be more Customer First to drive your sales.

Return on investment you can expect

Price & Promotions Strategy Modules supports retailers to build a clear strategy, making the right investment and promotions decisions.

Cash profits Improve Customer
price perception
Increase in sales Increase sales
ROI x10 return
on investment

How it helps

Easy-to-use software modules which help retailers leverage Customer Data Science to inform the end-to-end price and promotions process.

Understand your Customers - develop pricing strategies for specific Customer types with Pricing Segments
Understand which products are important to your Customers – apply Customer level insight to ensure you select the right products that impact Customer price/ value perception with Shopper KVI
Combine these insights by understanding Customer response to promotions and taking a balanced approach to price and promotion activity with Compass

How it works

Pricing Segments Module

By understanding how different Customer segments respond to pricing, a retailer is able to develop a strategy that considers the impact to their most important Customer. Activate these strategies by price zone and category.

Define and configure price change triggers
Shopper KVI Module

Quickly identify the products that have the greatest influence on your Customers’ perception of value, Key Value Items (KVI), and those items that influence their perception of competitiveness, Key Competitive Items (KCI). Invest and compete where it matters allowing you to improve your price perception while improving your bottom line.

Provides recommended changes
Compass Module

Rapidly analyse Customer response to promotion and pricing activity to develop a balanced strategy for which products to promote, or when to compete based only on regular price. Assign product level roles - Hi-Lo, Margin, Hybrid or Everyday Low Price – with recommended actions for each. Compare these recommendations against the performance of past promotions to align with your corporate strategy.

review rule violations and financial forecasts
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